GIS Analyst

Pipecare Group
Noida Sector 62, Noida, India
About Us
LIN SCAN Group Provide complete Solutions to all aspects of all aspects of In Line- Solutions in the oil and gas industry and ensure pipeline integrity by providing highly accurate information for Maintenance and Repair Programs.
LIN SCAN innovations are based on continuous product & services improvements & developments. We have the second-largest fleet of intelligent In-line inspection tools & full range of pipeline diameters from 2” to 56” in the world and have designed and manufactured inspection systems utilizing the latest technologies and highly skilled people.

Position Summary
The general role for the GIS Analyst includes identification obstructions in the pipeline. It shall be noted that LIN SCAN/PIPECARE has Subsidiaries around the world and although GIS Analyst reports to Lead GIS Analyst Team Leader of that Subsidiary, the responsibility of the GIS Analyst is to ensure that all tasks and projects related to his/her local subsidiary are executed according to the plan, corporate standards and policy approved by the Corporate Office. 

General responsibilities
    • Comply always and fully with LIN SCAN/PIPECARE HSE requirements
    • Be quality conscious (dynamic approach towards quality improvement and aim at getting things right first time)
    • Maintain confidentiality, integrity and safeguard LIN SCAN/PIPECARE trade secrets
    • Respect and support fellow employees at all times
    • Respond to changes positively (technical advancements as well as organizational adaptations)
    • Act in such a manner that LIN SCAN/PIPECARE’s reputation is highly respected
    • Identify training requirements
Key Responsibilities & Authorities
    • Checking and approving the DGPS SURVEY data.
    • Checking the input data quality.
    • DGPS SURVEY data process.
    • ILI Data basic feature data evaluations.
    • ODOMETER correction.
    • Pipeline mapping process.
    • AGM installation into database.
    • GPS survey incorporation.
    • Preparing job related documents.
    • To ensure that the coordinates are synchronized with the data
    • To alert the R&D regarding the software problems
    • To communicate and guide field survey Team.
    • To produce updated standard quality procedures
    • To alert the DA Team Leader / DA Manager regarding the software problems
    • Execute all other tasks as requested by DA Team Leader or DA Manager and/or
    • Executive Team within the assigned job role.
    • Bachelors or Master Degree in GEOGRAPHY OR GEOINFORMATICS.
    • Work experience in GIS Technology 5 to 7 years.
    • Process analysis, requirement.
    • Quality assurance of databases, reporting experience.
    • Experience of working on large, complex and multiple GIS projects.
    • Basic Excel and Microsoft Access.
    • High ability to work with Ground surface survey data.
    • Good written and verbal communication skills.
    • Different geographical ground understanding.
    • Digitization, Projection’s conversion and Image analysis.