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Top 10 Geology Careers In Demand

January 31, 2023 0 Comments

By Brian Douglas


With the rise in industrial pollution, frequent earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, government regulations, and many more have added to make Geology as a lucrative career choice. This field helps in decoding the reasons behind the natural hazards and also helps in forecasting the possible natural calamity that is about to occur. Thus saving the lives of many, it is a job with a cause.

Jobs you can get with a geology degree with different fields of specialization are geophysicists, geochemists, petroleum geologists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, engineering geologists, environmental geologists, and sedimentologists.

Do you have a passion for exploring the earth and materials?

If yes, then Geology is one of the best career options for you. Since only the passion and interest in the job we are doing, helps us to grow and achieve our goals.

Geology, in simple terms, is science related to earth and the substances it is made up of and how it has evolved with time. Geology is a mix of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, which helps to evaluate the research and device results based on the data collected. Geology is an exciting career choice for those who like to work in fields, researching and studying about the landscapes, earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers, water bodies, floods, groundwater flow, the mountains, mines, dinosaur evolution, and many more things which unfolds the nature of the earth.

As per the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics survey in May 2019, the annual average geologist salary is $39,810. The demand for jobs related to Geology is likely to increase in the future because of the government regulations and an increase in concern for the environment. Geology careers in demand are also because of the rise in fuel demand all over the world, and petroleum industries are hiring eologists.

Following are the top 10 jobs you can get with a geology degree :

1. Geoscientist

If you are interested in analyzing data and information and interested in geology, then you can apply for entry-level geoscientist jobs after completing a bachelor’s degree in the same. But for doing some basic research in this field, you require a Phd. A geoscientist learns the past, present, and future by studying the physical aspects of the earth like its structure, processes, composition. The average geologist salary is $112000.

2. Field assistant

Field assistant is also one of the top geology careers in demand. A field assistant is a suitable career for those who are social people. Field assistants assist clients, social workers with daily activities. They cross-check whether the service provided to clients is appropriate or not. A high school diploma is enough for the job, and some may hire people who have prior experience for the same. The average annual salary for a Field assistant is $30,000.

3. Mine Geologist

A Mine Geologist is responsible for making scientific maps and charts, and they are also responsible for preparing scientific reports, including reviewing reports and research done by other scientists. Starting career for entry-level geoscientist jobs in mine geologist, you require a bachelor’s degree, and in some states, you might require a license to offer your services to the public. Average annual a mine geologist salary is $114000.

4. MUD Logger

A Mud Logger helps scientists and engineers in exploring and extracting natural resources, such as oil, natural gas, and minerals. Mud Logger is responsible for monitoring exploration activities and recording data like temperature and pressure. Apart from this, he is responsible for so many things like installing and maintaining laboratory equipment, conducting scientific test samples, and more. To start your career as a mudlogger, you require a bachelor’s degree. If you are thinking about how much do geologists make as a mudlogger, then their average annual salary is $102000, and you can earn more with experience.

5. Consulting Geologist

A consulting geologist is the best option for those who are interested in planning and visiting new locations. They are responsible for conducting laboratory test samples in the field. To become a consulting geologist, you are having at least a bachelor’s degree, and the geology major salary for the same is $111600.


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6. Environmental Field Technician

An environmental field technician is responsible for analyzing and collecting samples for soil, water, air, and other material for laboratory analysis. To become an environmental field technician, you require an associate degree or two years of post-secondary education, and for some positions, you may only require a bachelor’s degree. The average annual payout for this job is $36000.

7. Assistant Geologist

An assistant geologist is responsible for the supervision of technicians and other co-workers with other scientists on the field and in the laboratory. To start your career as an assistant geologist, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. The average annual salary is $110,000.

8. Meteorologist

Meteorologist or Atmospheric scientist is in charge of developing the methods, processes, and computer programs that analyze the data related to the atmosphere and generate the relevant reports. To pursue this as a career, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science or a related scientific field. The average annual payout is $57,000.

9. Petroleum Geologists

Petroleum Geologist is involved in finding and production of oil and natural gas resources. This is a labor-intensive job, but also the demand for Petroleum geologists is on the rise. The average annual salary of petroleum geologists is $107,724, which is amongst the top average salaries in the field of geology.

10. Hydrologists

They are responsible for finding out and analyzing the source of life on earth, i.e., water resources. They study the water cycle and find out the impact of water pollution, soil erosion, drought, and other problems that harm the environment. To pursue a career as a Hydrologist, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in a field related to Hydrology. The average annual salary is $61,351, who is working as a hydrologist.

Above are the top 10 geology careers in demand. At present, geology fields like fossil fuels, petroleum, and environmental areas are in demand and are a good career option. You also have an opportunity to work as a private consultant after gaining experience in a particular field. There are also excellent job opportunities in the government sector.


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